Become the CEO

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“I’m not the CEO because I do the job, I am the CEO because I hire the right people to do the job.” -- Gary Keller

During the Xperience Growth Summit, Xpercience CEO Chris Suarez led a breakout for the leaders of the mega agent teams who are powered by Xperience. Each of these leaders are the CEOs of massive sales organizations and are focused on their growth AND the growth plan for their team members. 

Four Key Pillars to Become the CEO

  1. Building

  2. Attracting

  3. Integrating

  4. Leading

We need to find the builder. We need to find the attractor. The integrator shows up. Eventually, you are spending the majority of our time in the leading role. 

The roles and responsibility of the founder are building the foundation, casting the vision, assuming the risk, driving growth and assuming the pressure. 

  • Is your foundation strong enough to support the force of a hurricane?

  • Our vision has to get bigger or expansion won’t be a solution for you. We all want to grow OR provide that opportunity to someone else in our organization. 

  • It is easier to take a risk when you are failing. 

  • If I want the responsibility for growth. Leadership won’t happen if we don’t grow. With people, comes production. To become the CEO, the key is growth through people.

We build our businesses through systems, tools, models and people. 

The greatest CEO’s are incredible problem solvers. The reward for solving a problem is a bigger problem. If you can’t solve the current problem, you don’t grow your business to the next problem. 

A CEO has the responsibility to create, plan, implement and integrate. 

Phase two is attracting. This goes back to the Millionaire Real Estate Agent. There is always a difference between working “on” and working “in.” At times, our sleeves are rolled up and we are working “in” it. Our goal with our “powered by Xperience teams” is for them to be working “ON” their business, not in it. The key is attracting the right people. 

How much time should we be spending on looking, developing and growing our talent? It should be a lot. If it is not, we will stay “IN” the business, not working on it. 

Do you have a system around talent? If you don’t, it will be entrepreneurial and we won’t get the results. 

Are you keeping yourself in too many jobs? You can’t lead business management/operations and lead sales and be successful. How many hours a week are needed to be done excellently? Your job is to find the people who can do those jobs excellently. 

Most important part of scaling is getting through the middle. Chris referenced the book, The Messy Middle by Scott Belsky. There are three words that continue to show up during that book: endure, optimize and finish. 

To get through, we have to be willing to come to terms with endure. The best way to do that is to stop rewarding others with short term rewards.   

Optimize. Don’t hire out of pain, optimize out of pain. Do you have the right people? Are they doing what they are hired to do? Are they right people? Can someone grow into that role? 

Finish. In the book, Belsky says, “The final mile is a different sport.” 

We must make decisions. If we don’t make the decisions, we have organizational debt. 

Phase three is integrating. Integration is making sure that while we are building, growing, attracting and leading that we are living an integrated life. Are we building relationships? Are we experiencing life? The people and the memories are so much more important than the business. 

There is a cost of being reactive. Most of the time, being reactive is coming from a good place. If you are building a business that you are building from your heart, you are reacting to take care of people. It is well intentioned and it can be dangerous for your business. 

Phase four is leading. Our goal as leaders is to create the preferred path for others’ future. We have to be honest. If we cannot create and guide that preferred future, we are not the right leader. Ask yourself, “What is the preferred future for my team members AND do I have a solution for that?” 

Chris concluded the session with a quote from one of his mentors, Gary Keller. “I’m not the CEO because I do the job, I am the CEO because I hire the right people to do the job.”  

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