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Find Your Way

One of the values of Xperience is humility. On this Friday’s Partner Call, Xperience CEO Chris Suarez shared insights from Carly Fiorina, the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, about why that humility is SO important for collaboration and for making changes that lead to achieving massive results.

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Beating the Sale Fail in a Shift

On this Friday’s Partner Call, Xperience CEO Chris Suarez dug into sale fails. While studying the trend reports for Xperience, Xperience’s partner mega agent teams and the five Keller Williams brokerages he owns, Chris noticed a trend, sales fails -- the  percentage of deals that fell apart in May increased. What Chris realized is the best training he could provide is how to reduce the number of sale fails. 

Best piece of advice? Pick up the book Shift.

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A Business Conversation with Gary Keller

Xperience CEO Chris Suarez recently returned from a special mastermind with Keller Williams co-founder and CEO Gary Keller. On a recent Friday Partner Call, Chris shared a business conversation that drove home that even in the changing landscape of real estate, the fundamentals still apply. Below are some of Chris’ key takeaways and how they apply to Xperience.

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Learners are Earners

On this Friday’s Partner Call, Xperience CEO Chris Suarez interviewed Francis Zipeto, an Xperience Partner from Orlando, FL about his goals and his path to Xperience. Francis and his wife made a commitment to be 100% virtual and made investments in non-real estate companies and researched real estate options…he realized that Xperience is not like other expansion teams where one is simply joining a team to do production. He said, “Joining Xperience is like buying a franchise with no money down.”

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Believe in Your Success

On this Friday’s Partner Call, Xperience Real Estate’s Director of Expansion Katie Benson shared some tips for facing reality of where we are today, assessing what is holding us back and providing an action plan to move us forward.  

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Say Yes Until You Can Say No

Derek Shivers, founder of CD Baby, has an interesting perspective about saying no. Early in his career he said yes to every gig as he wanted to be a professional musician. He played at a pig farm, he played an art opening, played at a circus. He took a $60 bus fare out to the gig that paid them $75 and then went back home. He took this circus gig and he wound up being in that show for 10 years…from age 18 to 28. He went from $75 a show to $300 a show and it became his full-time job. He eventually bought his first house on the money he made playing at the circus. He said yes to the circus gig so he could “earn the right” to say no and to say yes to the things that would fuel his passion and mission.

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Mastery or Constant Growth?

They say it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at anything. That works really well if you’re Serena Williams and you know the lines on the court or rules of tennis are not changing. Serena can go out there and practice the same game every day for 10,000 hours. But in business that just doesn’t work. The game is constantly changing. The rules are constantly changing. The technology is constantly changing. Our industries are constantly changing.

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Behaviors & The Goldilocks Rule

James Clear sheds incredible light on behavior and what we can learn from successful people. Xperience continues to do deep dives into his content, such as the story and lesson below. In 1955, Disneyland had just opened in Anaheim, California, when a ten-year-old boy walked in and asked for a job. The boy managed to land a position selling guidebooks.

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10 Secrets of the Real Estate Pros

From the KW Blog

By Lalaina Rabary

Meet the real estate pros:

  • Kristan Cole - The Kristan Cole Team

  • Chris Suarez - Xperience Real Estate

  • David Hoffman - The David Hoffman Group

Collectively, this group has over 60 years of experience in real estate with $600 million-plus closed in 2018.They recently sat down with KW agent David Vorhees to reveal secrets of their success on Secrets of the Pros – a new prime-time series on Connect Live where mega agents speak openly about their wins, failures, and business strategies.

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Eight Prerequisites for Influence

On this Friday’s Xperience Partner Call, Director of Expansion Katie Benson shared some powerful insights from a recent coaching session with her coach, Kate Patulski. We, as real estate agents, are in sales. In sales, it is necessary for us to influence others. It is important that we practice being neither inferior or superior to any other human beings whether it is our assistant, a client or our significant other. When we decide we are superior or inferior, growth is prevented, and influence ceases to exist. As human beings, when we decide there has been an injustice, we tend to think, act and communicate like we are superior. We become indignant about injustice. These eight prerequisites for influence will help you better communicate with your clients, coworkers and friends. Refer back to this list when you feel like your failing to influence others.

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